rambert01.jpgSound is at the core of pretty much everything I do. I’ve been involved in lots of kinds of music, from classical (I play the piano and the trombone, not very well) to pop (I’ve played in the odd band over the years). I’ve done all sorts of things, from playing the piano at posh parties to playing in Brass Bands while I was growing up ‘up north’.

I’ve always had a bit of a geeky interest in gadgets, electronics and computers. I started trying to combine this with my music as a teenager, doing things like putting a cheap Casio keyboard through lots of guitar effects pedals and trying to get my ZX Spectrum to work as a rudimentary sampler. But it wasn’t until I went to college that I had access to the kit to make electronic music properly, and even then it took me while to really start to specialize in this area, still I liked to play the piano when I was young, and I’m thinking on getting a digital piano keyboard for start playing it again.

I spent five years in Birmingham, working with BEAST, with their world-leading studios and extraordinary 100 channel sound system. Here I made a series of electroacoustic pieces, with and without acoustic instruments. Since then, I’ve worked in all sorts of areas, including multimedia and staged performance. This has encouraged me to work in a much broader range of styles, but I remain interested in an experimental approach, and the further reaches of creative sound design.


Sound Projects: in sunlight | SevenWaves | to the last syllable | Burnt Out | GoldGlow | vox mecanix | Manic