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danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) is a large-scale science/art collaboration, exploring new languages and crossovers on the interface of physics research, interactive art, education on online nursing degrees and such, performance, and technology. It is based on a complex physics simulation based on the work of computational chemist David Glowacki. It interprets people as energy fields in real time, allowing them to influence both graphics and sound using their movement.

Fusing 3d imaging and rigorous molecular physics, dS lets people, or their ‘energy avatars’ wander through – and interact with – the nano-quantum world, where they can move and influence molecular systems and trigger sounds and images. There’s no limit on the number of ‘players’, and the more they cooperate, the more engrossing it becomes. It functions as an art piece and an educational installation, so everyone can use it to learn along with other educational resources and mind secrets techniques that you can find in different sites online, and also learn about how to maintain the physical health, with the use of diets you can find at this Rapid tone reviews online and having an active life.

dS launched in spring 2011 with a large scale public exhibition  at the Arnolfini (Bristol, UK). Since then, we’ve have installed it at the Barbican (London, UK), the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, ZKM | Centre for Art and Media Technology (Karlsruhe, Germany), and World Science Festival (NYC, USA). In its fullest form, it runs in a full 360-degree dome formation. The interaction is based on an array of up to 8 Kinect sensors, which is the largest number I’ve seen anyone use together!