Installation work is something I’ve returned to from time to time over the years. It’s remained slightly tangential to the core of my work – I find this kind of work can take me a little outside of my comfort zone in terms of skills (I’ve never been particularly good with a hammer or a saw), and also that the logistical problems can take over (making something that can run, day after day after day, without ever going wrong or crashing). Quite apart from anything else, I can never find anywhere to put the things once they’re over – I believe there’s a barn in Devon still full of the mirrors from my Periphery installation.

I do find the idea of creating an immersive environment very interesting though, and I believe that sound, as a uniquely immersive medium, is very suited to working in this way. My favorite installation piece has to be Periphery, which seemed a perfect extension of some of my ideas about technology and illusion (which I began to explore in Zoetrope) – here taking the idea somewhat literally and building a hall of mirrors. I’d like to explore these ideas further – maybe one day, when I have a team of handimen (handipersons?) to work with me I’ll do it!



Installation Projects: Zoetrope | Periphery | Hidden Histories | RememberMe