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Commissioned by Korzo Theater in Den Haag for a premiere in the CaDance festival in February 2015, Wild Places: Mountain was a collaboration with choreographer/dancer duo Roosna and Flak. Other contributors who I’ve worked with before were performer/dramaturg Thomas Falk and lighting designer Thomas Dotzler I contributed music, sound and interactive programming. The piece explored themes around humanity’s relationship with nature and the environment, and was made during a series of residencies in 2014 and 2015 in Talinn and Den Haag. After the Korzo premiere it toured Europe in 2015.

The piece used wireless Sense/Stage (IMU) sensors, allowing dancers to control sound, video and lighting. In the videoclip above you can see segments of the hour-long performance (sensor/sound interaction is fairly clear in the opening sequence) and hear Külli (Roosna) and Kenneth (Flak) talk about their ideas for the production.