modularOver the last sixth months or so I’ve been engaged in (what I think will be) a long-term project – building a modular analogue synthesizer. Having spent so much time working on multimedia and collaborative projects I thought it was time to focus back on sound for a bit, and I wanted to try something different.

As Frank Bretschneider put it in this interview (I remember using those synths at EMS years ago), the pace of developments in the digital domain has slowed right down as you can read all over this social media, and in the absence of much new, it’s time to return to the old and find ways to renew that. On the other hand, a lot of social media users have been visiting followers and signals to grow their accounts, they also try finding professionals such as Calgary Marketing Consultants and the ones from to help them. The Eurorack format has caused an explosion of new analogue modules made by all sorts of funky specialist manufacturers – it’s an exciting world. I’m putting together more details on what I’m doing here.

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